How to Play:

  • Write and submit a haiku
  • Come back and vote on your favorite haiku once the haiku contest is closed
  • The most popular haiku will receive a prize

Benefits of joining our weekly haiku contest!!!‚Äč

Stay Creative

Writing a haiku daily is a great way to stay creative.

Fight Boredom

Haiku is addictive and fun, that's why we do it!

Sharpen Skills

Learn from seasoned writers. Iron sharpens iron.

Win Stuff

Prizes for doing what you love. Does it get any better?

Meet Poets

Make acquaintances with people who share your passion.

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Haiku Poetry is a beautiful and exciting way to express yourself and encapsulate ideas in powerful little messages. Convey your message whatever the emotion. Do it often and get better at it. And then share it with others. You see, we could all use a little extra art in our daily lives, and by participating you are making the world a better place, as cheesy as that may sound – You really are!